🤖Enter the bear market: COMA Plan

The goal of Compound Meta is to protect our investors with the holder-centered ecosystem.

đŸŽ¯ To achieve that, we are ready for the bear market with the COMA Plan:

  • The product is the king. We are building real products that benefit users truly. Specifically, P2E Game Beta Test Version, Swap Testnet, Flip Coin and Staking are ready to go live.

  • A Strong business model is our strength. The benefit of holders comes FIRST. We give negative tax, profit sharing, compounding interest between products, and a tight, anti-inflation mechanism. We are also developing partnerships with other projects.

  • Everything is for the community. We let our community Vote, Raise voices in our private DAO. We are also scheduling an AMA tour, contests and events to reward members.

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