📱Vision & Mission

🚀 Vision

Web3 is developing day by day with preeminent features that are user-centered. However, more and more investment risks emerge as investors are faced with falling token prices resulting in a loss of investment or even by being scammed.

In the bear market, we realized a plan to optimize investor protection is needed and COMA was born. Our users will get negative tax after the transaction instead of waiting for trading to earn. In order to maintain sustainability and future growth, we have introduced a compound Interest solution that will award $COMA token holders with continued compound interest in perpetuity.

🏆 Mission

Our team aims to make this project lead the next trend on the Binance Smart Chain. In other words, we are aiming for a project that is able to break the limits of the conventional metaverse and utility platform to lead the future of the blockchain space. To make life easier for crypto investors, we're introducing the COMA ecosystem which rewards holders of $COMA with automatic stable returns.

Optimizing the benefits for users is our ultimate mission to develop the biggest crypto ecosystem ever. Join the revolution in the most innovative protocol and secure your financial future.

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