1. Buy to earn - Rewarding

Users will be rewarded $COMA on every buy transaction and $BUSD for the long-term token holding.

💵 Buying Reward

For each buying transaction made, investors will get a bonus 1.5% tokens back.
This 1.5% will be taken from COMA's Reward Pool which accounts for 30% of the Total Supply and is filled regularly from fees of utilities in the COMA ecosystem including Staking, Swap, Wallet, and the P2E game. This reward will be distributed in $COMA. The more you buy, the more free tokens you earn.

💝 Holding Reward

1% buy tax which gets converted into $BUSD rewards for all holders.
Based on the number of token holders and the number of tokens each holds, this 1% will be divided equally among the holders. Holders will receive it daily. What holders need to do is go to the website and claim the reward after each 24 hours.