$COMA holders will also be able to stake their tokens to get passive income. This is also an innovative mechanism that helps holders to receive compound interest.

Staking Reward will come from a Staking pool of 15% total supply. A part of the fee will be used to buy back and burn and distribute to our stakers.

Stakers will receive various benefits from the staking pool. Namely, passive income, be a part of DAO with exclusive opportunities, voting, weekly airdrop, priority whitelisted for new team token/NFT launches, and many other privileges.

🔋 The staking ecosystem comprises of:

  • Staking Fee: 2%

  • Early Unstaking Fee: 10% (2% buyback and burn, 8% send back to Reward pool)

🤞 Staking Pool will be released right after the Presale ends. Holders can stake $COMA tokens to get compound interest.

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