🎮3. P2E GAME

COMA Metaverse Game integrates the Free-to-play & Win-to-earn mechanisms.

COMA P2E Metaverse Game will be released in the near future. This is an AAA game developed by Unreal Engine 5, bringing great visual and smooth experience to players. It is a combination of power and ability that will help you get some money.

COMA Metaverse will be fun and challenging. We plan to have a combination of action RPG and a dynamic NFT trading economy that will keep players engaged. Players will participate in fierce solo battles, the winner will earn money. To participate, players need to buy NFT characters. Players can play with people and friends online in exciting matches and win Crypto prizes!

⚡ Play-and-earn mechanics

There will be a deep and sustainable economy within COMA Metaverse where players can play for free and earn tokens/NFT. A weekly/monthly competition is held where the most active and well-performing members are eligible to receive large amounts of tokens and unique rewards.

⚡ Community-driven incentives

Our game is highly enjoyable and fun, which focuses on community interaction. We will empower and reward the community who build long-term businesses and contribute to the growth of the overall game.

🤞 We believe that the COMA Metaverse game is a great game for connecting communities and utilizing P2E features.

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