Coin Flip is a utility that follows the current rising trend Flip-to-Earn, allowing users to both entertain and earn money easily and quickly.
Users can bet $COMA or $BNB by playing Head or Tail to DOUBLE the bet instantly with a 50/50 winning probability anytime. Treasury Pool is public, everything is fair on an open-source smart contract.
We will charge a 5% fee for each win, this fee will be used to buy back and earn for the purpose of stabilizing the token price.
How to play?
1️⃣ Connect Wallet
2️⃣ Select 'Head' OR 'Tail'
3️⃣ Select a Bet Value and approve the transaction from your wallet
4️⃣ Wait for the result
🌕 If you win, you get double the bet. The money will be instantly sent to your wallet.
🌑 If you lose, you lose the bet.
🍀 Bet your luck with a tiny amount of $COMA first and go to the moon then, why not?