I. About Compound Meta

Let's learn about the COMA Ecosystem in 3 minutes!

The first new generation, P2E game with Negative Tax and a Comprehensive Ecosystem

🤔 What is Compound Meta?

Compound Meta is a metaverse for the future generation of the cryptocurrency space. COMA is the first holder-centered multiple products in 1 metaverse including Compound interest, Negative tax, Play-to-earn metaverse game, Coin Flip, Swap, Staking, and Wallet on Binance Smart Chain.

💎 Negative Tax: Investors will get Negative tax with the daring breakout mechanism '1% buy tax but 1,5% back to the wallet'. Paying 1% buy tax, buyers then receive a 1.5% bonus into their wallet on each buy transaction, inferring $COMA buyers get negative -0.5% tax instantly.

💎 Profit Sharing: Compounding interest appears in the metaverse space for the first time. All holders will be distributed $BUSD (from the 1% buy tax) each 24 hours as the $COMA holding reward and get passive income when staking it.

💎 Multi-in-one ecosystem for MULTIPLE earnings: COMA utilities include P2E Metaverse Game, Coin Flip, Wallet, Swap and Staking which are ready to help users earn.

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