🏰5. DAO

COMA DAO aims to empower holders to have a voice, a vote, and the power to make decisions in a completely transparent and decentralized organization.

The founding team will be the earliest participants of COMA DAO. Investors who buy $COMA in Presale will be especially involved in joining with many attractive privileges. In the future, we will gradually expand to holders, gamers, and users etc. And finally, holders will become the governance of the protocol along with the founding team.

The privileges can be mentioned as free token, voting, whitelisted for other team token/NFT launches, early access to invest in other projects and other privileges on the Compound META Ecosystem.


Token holders have the right to vote on the future plan of the project. The DAO will calculate the ownership of the entire DAO according to the amount of token owned by the participants, and then distribute the decision-making power proportionally. Voting will be granting our users the following rights:

  • How should COMA schedule the events

  • Which partners should COMA connect in the future

  • How should COMA grows in the future

  • Version updates of projects and products

  • Development of technologies

  • Governance structure

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